29 August 2017
Revenge the rival

Revenge the rival

Game #4. Traktor 2:1 Metallurg.

Traktor and Metallurg played for the second time in four days. Coaching staff changed the lineup, but didn’t alter the gameplan – black and whites played on the forecheck, tried to intensify the game in neutral zone and stayed long shifts in the offensive zone.

In the first period both teams struggled to play combinational hockey. Traktor and Metallurg made an accent on long shots. At the end of the period away team received two-minute penalty. Anyway Traktor couldn’t capitalize on the one man advantage. But in the end of the powerplay Maxim Yakutsenya made the pass from the right wing to the farther post, where Kirill Koltsov was already waiting for the puck – 1:0.

In the second period Traktor gave the initiative to the counterpart. However black and whites spent a lot of times in near Metallurg’s net and changed the lines during attacks. But it was Metallurg which scored. Team from Magnitogorsk made the equalizer on the delayed penalty of Gilbert Brule. Chelyabinsk managed to answer until the end of the period, when Nick Bailen slapped the puck past Vasily Koshechkin – 2:1. This score remained till the very end of the game.


TRAKTOR Chelyabinsk vs METALLURG Magnitogorsk – 2:1 (1:0, 1:1, 0:0)
Koltsov (Yakutsenya) 20 (1:0 – pp.), Ellison (Mozyakin, Khabarov) 37 (1:1), Bailen (Polygalov) 39 (2:1 – pp.)

Bailen – Vishnevsky, Penkovsky – Polygalov – Videll;
Koltsov – Borodkin, Kruchinin – Szczechura – Yakutsenya;
Shinin – Isayev, Brule – Rybakov –Kravtsov;
Alexei Petrov – Mamayev, Sholokhov – Yuri Petrov – Sharov.

Koshechkin (empty net – 59:25-59:42, 59:57-60:00)
Denisov – Schauss, Mozyakin – Kovar – Grigorenko;
Biryukov – Dronov, Osala – Ellison – Shenfeld;
Khabarov – Tereschenko, Kazionov – Filippi – Timkin;
Igoshev – Budkin, Platonov – Zhelezkov – Sirotkin.

29th of August 2017. Chelyabinsk. Ice Arena Traktor named after Valery Belousov. 7200 spectators