25 August 2017
Last minutes

Last minutes

Game #2. Metallurg 2:1 Traktor.

Head coach Anvar Gatiyatulin made one change to the roster for the game. The place of Igor Isayev was taken by Konstantin Klimontov. In the fourth line injured Alexander Chernikov was substituted for Alexander Tridchikov.

The game started with a couple of good Traktor attacks. One of them ended in breakaway from Paul Szczechura and he scored on the rebound. However the game has changed and by the middle of the period it was Metallurg who dictated its terms. Vasily Demchenko was working hard in his net, but Sergey Mozyakin made a goal from nothing. After first intermission teams started to foul a lot, and it’s surprising that nobody scored. In the third period Traktor should have scored more than once, but didn’t use its moments. Metallurg on the contrary played methodically, got the power play and scored on the 58th minute.


METALLURG Magnitogorsk vs TRAKTOR Chelyabinsk – 2:1 (1:1, 0:0, 1:0)
Szczechura (Yakutsenya) 4 (0:1), Mozyakin (Kovar) 19 (1:1), Filippi (Mozyakin, Ellison) 59 (2:1 – pp.)

Biryukov – Schauss, Mozyakin – Kovar – Filippi;
Denisov – Tereschenko, Osala – Ellison – Timkin;
Khabarov – Budkin, Kosov – Kaletnik – Shenfeld;
Igoshev, Platonov – Berestennikov – Kazionov;

Demchenko (58:55 – 60:00 – empty net)
Bailen – Vishnevsky, Brule – Polygalov – Videll;
Koltsov – Borodkin, Kruchinin – Szczechura – Yakutsenya;
Shinin – Klimontov, Penkovsky – Rybakov – Sharov;
Alexei Petrov – Mamayev, Tridchikov – Yuri Petrov – Kravtsov.

25th of August. Magnitogorsk. Arena Metallurg. 6208 spectators.

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