23 August 2017
Cold blood

Cold blood

Game #1. Lada 0:2 Traktor.

Before game in Togliatti Traktor’s coaching staff had an optimal line of players on their hands. All newcomers played in the first five, Igor Isaev made his debut on the third pair of defense.

The game was interesting and feisty. Traktor played with advantage during first period – team from Chelyabinsk looked fresh and more creative in offense. As a result Traktor scored first – Paul Szczechura tipped the puck to the net after volley from Max Yakutsenya. But Lada started to play actively and with more mobility. Home team created several plays, but Vasily Demchenko saved his goal. However Traktor answered even sharper. Final period of the game turned out to be the most intense in the game. Lada had chances to score, but all the efforts was wipe out by the too many men penalty. Traktor capitalized on it – Artyom Penkovsky scored after Alexei Kruchinin assist on power play.

Black-whites won its second game in a row in Togliatti with shutout. Last season Gatiyatulin’s team defeated Lada 3:0 – Artyom Penkovsky, Paul Szczechura and Konstantin Klimontov made the score.


LADA Togliatti vs TRAKTOR Chelyabinsk – 0:2 (0:1, 0:0, 0:1)
Szczechura (Borodkin, Yakutsenya) 7 (0:1), Penkovsky (Kruchinin) 57 (0:2 – pp.)

Vorobyev – Genoway, Filatov – Novotny – Carter;
Gurkin – Yezhov, Belousov – Zernov – Babenko;
Kostromitin – Sotnieks, Valuiskiy – Soin – Skorokhodov;
Malenkikh – Rakhimullin, Bocharov – Mastryukov – Streltsov.

Bailen – Vishnevsky, Brule – Polygalov – Videll;
Koltsov – Borodkin, Kruchinin – Szczechura – Yakutsenya;
Shinin – Isayev, Penkovsky – Rybakov – Sharov;
Alexei Petrov – Mamayev, Chernikov – Yuri Petrov – Kravtsov.

23rd of August, 2017. Ice Palace Lada-Arena.

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